Thursday, March 20, 2008

Innovation Strategy

Innovation and Technology Strategies

Waclaw A. Kasprzak, Karol I. Pelc

Book in Polish: Strategie Innowacyjne i Techniczne (with summary and list of contents in English), PALMApress, Wroclaw, Poland 2008, ISBN 83-7076-128-3.

Developing an innovation and technology strategy for a company as well as a regional innovation strategy requires specific methods of analysis and design. In addition, the strategies need to be based on up-to-date forecasts. To support formulation and evaluation of those strategies the following topics have been addressed in the book: (1) Technological and economic heritage of the 20th century, (2) Technology strategies in the American and Japanese industries, (3) Patterns and measurements of R&D expenditures and their effects in the context of knowledge-based economy, (4) Entrepreneurship and technology development strategies of small- and medium- size companies, (5) Technological pursuit strategies, (6) Methods and techniques of forecasting in combination with assessment of success probability of scientific and technological projects, (7) Review of potential technological breakthroughs until 2020, and evaluation of selected forecasts from the past, (8) Elements and methodological issues of development of strategies at the regional, national and international level, (9) Innovation policy and competitive status of the European Union, (10) Assessment of technological, scientific and educational status of Poland, (11) Review of tools for regional strategy development recommended by the European Union.