Saturday, July 15, 2006

Knowledge Processes

A Model of Knowledge Processes in a Manufacturing Company

Jambekar, Anil B., Pelc, Karol I.

Journal of Manufacturing Technology Management, Vol. 17, Issue 3, (2006) p. 315 - 331

A dynamic model of knowledge and know-how value creation and its interactions with core product and business processes is proposed. It combines three basic elements: business process problem solving, learning, and knowledge accumulation, into one meta-process. A model of management system incorporating the insights from the dynamic model of knowledge creation as applied to a mid-size manufacturing company is presented. A managerial dashboard is proposed as a tool allowing managers to access information from sources inside and outside the company. The tool operates as a hypertext system and includes modules corresponding to the internal core processes of company and its interfaces with customers, suppliers and external knowledge sources. A case study on an instrumentation manufacturing company is included as illustration of the proposed model.